Life is a journey, who travel lives twice!
Come to sailing with us!

Come with us to enjoy a sailing holiday! You will taste the scent of the sea and admire coasts and seas from another point of view: that of adventure and relax. If you wish, our skippers will teach you the basics of sailing and you can try your hand at being on the helm and participate in sailing manoeuvers under the guidance of our experts.

Cabin Formula 
This formula allows to reserve a single cabin, therefore ideal for those who want to travel without having necessarily a party in tow. Just like in a cruise ship there are common areas, and an already agreed itinerary. Many people who have used this formula had the opportunity to know other passengers predisposed to socializing and having fun, so as to forge new friendships.

Full boat Formula 
This formula is designed for those who like to travel with friends or family, and have the whole boat exclusively, customizing the itinerary with the skipper.

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